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What Is Microblading?

Do you spend valuable time every morning penciling your eyebrows in, making sure they are the correct shape and fullness for your face?  Imagine spending that time fitting in a few extra minutes of sleep or enjoying a cup of coffee instead. With microblading, effortless and defined brows are possible. Microblading can give you the brows of your dreams, hassle-free.


But microblading is a relatively new beauty concept, so before you jump into receiving this semi-permanent procedure, it’s important to understand what microblading is and how the process works.

The Procedure


Microblading is defined as a cosmetic tattooing treatment and requires a hand-held microblade tool that deposits semi-permanent pigment underneath the skin.  Extremely small incisions of hair like strokes of different lengths are made into the dermis layer of the skin, where custom-mixed ink is deposited to give the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs.


Your brows will be darker, fuller and have a shape custom-designed for your facial structure. Because the ink is semi-permanent, your newly sculpted eyebrows should last between one to three years.


Many people avoid tattoos because they are afraid of needles and the pain associated with them, but many describe microblading as “uncomfortable,” rather than painful thanks to the two forms of numbing that are used. The first is a topical gel applied directly to the skin. The second goes directly on to the microblade tool itself, which numbs the surface of the skin once it is broken. If the fear of pain is holding you back, there is no need to worry. She will also check in with you on your comfort levels throughout the procedure.

Eyebrow Treatment with Microblading

Life after Microblading


About five to seven days after you receive the treatment, itching and flaking may appear but this is a normal part of the process. In those first seven days make sure to keep water, lotion, soap and makeup away from your new eyebrows. This is crucial for their appearance and longevity. For the first two weeks post-procedure, you’ll also want to avoid increased sweating, swimming, saunas, tanning, any chemical peels, and heavy household tasks.


In general, the healing process should take about four to six weeks, and the look of your eyebrows will change throughout that time. Following the procedure they will appear dark and more pigmented but that will fade, ultimately leaving you with a more natural look.  At the six week mark you will receive a fill. After that, you should come in about once a year for touch-ups.

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