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Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual healing. Rei (universal) Ki (energy). Reiki is the energy that flows through all living things.

Reiki heals by flowing through our bodies energy field. Clearing, aligning, healing and restoring energy pathways. 
Increasing self- awareness and stress relief.
Making room for balance, alignment, and a clearer mind.

Reiki along with sound healing helps us reach a state of deep relaxation. Helping to heal and turn off the mind. Clearing energetic blockages using frequencies that correspond with our own bodies frequencies.
Sound waves stimulate an immune response making us less prone  to getting I’ll, reduce stress and balance the bodies energy system.

I incorporate chakra balancing, energy clearing and sound healing into all my Reiki sessions.

Reiki with Chakra balancing – $100, 45-minute sessions

Energy Healing
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