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Pedicure Treatments

Classic Pedicure

A cleansing foot bath prepares your feet for pampering. Calluses are gently smoothed and dry skin is exfoliated, followed by a leg and foot massage polish.


Pedicure Nail Treatments

Spa Pedicure

Treat yourself to a soothing, vitamin-rich Sedona Mud and shea butter massage. Our sugar scrub will exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Calluses are smoothed and a warm paraffin treatment rounds out the pedicure, followed by polish.


Jelly Pedicure 60 minutes

Enjoy the most luxurious pedicure we provide. The Jelly pedicure is a solution that when added to water instantly becomes a translucent, fluffy jelly, which retains heat for four times longer than regular water. The Jelly pedicure works as a natural exfoliant while oils penetrate your skin for deep moisturizing. evolving. The dense jelly massages
stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. You have a choice of Charcoal, Milk & Honey, Rose, or Tea Tree & Peppermint.


Image by Rune Enstad

Detox Pedicure

Pedicures not only help you relax and feel good, but they can improve circulation and keep hard skin and calluses at bay. Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works like a magnet to draw out impurities. During our detox pedicure your feet will soak, be exfoliated, deep cleansed, moisturized and deep conditioning. This pedicure is a great way to purify, polish, and restore your feet.


Powder Dip Acrylic

Powder dip nails are created with an artificial dip nail powder that creates a durable, long-lasting finish, these nails can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks. The dip powder is pre-mixed with the substances used for acrylic nails making them more resilient and less likely to chip or break, this powder will give you a beautiful glossy finish. Each time
you come the dip will be completely removed and replaced leaving you with fresh nails. We have a wide variety of colors for you to chose from!

$50 approx 90 minute service

Relaxing Pedicure
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